Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Double Love

Yesterday, my sweet Valentine sent a beautiful bouquet of red tulips to my office to celebrate the holiday our love!

I absolutely love them! We all know that I love flowers, and these are sooo pretty! What a wonderfully thoughtful gesture. (Tulips are some of my favorite flowers, and he knows it!)

While I was still admiring God's beautiful creation delivered to me via currier as a token of love from my hubby, and mentally congratulating Bradley on a job very well done, another delivery guy walked into the lobby carrying these.

I was thinking, "Wow, I'm not the only one who loves tulips!" when he announced, "These are for Mindy Mehaffey." I replied with a "No. These are for Mindy Mehaffey," motioning toward the flowers directly beneath my sniffing nose.  He shrugged and said, "Wow, Mindy must really like red tulips."

Stunned, I examined the card on the bunch of flowers that he just set down in front of me and said, "I'm Mindy, and I do really like red tulips. But not nearly enough for my husband to buy two bouquets' worth!" before absentmindedly signing for the delivery. He chuckled and joked, "Then you better check and make sure these are from your husband!" as he walked out of the office.

Upon further investigation, I concluded that they were both bouquets consisting of exactly ten red tulips, each carrying with it the exact same message on their cards addressed specifically to me. They  had to be to me from Brad. But, really?

It turns out, Brad purchased them through Teleflora (Super Bowl commercials really do work!), whom then send the orders to local florists to fulfill. Somehow, they made a mistake and I received (nearly) identical arrangements from two separate flower shops in the area! We totally got two bouquets for the price of one! Holla!

Works for me. Now I get to enjoy my beautiful, red, love-filled, generous tulips at home and at work. Thanks, honey!


Kristen said...

Aw, fun! Yea for Brad and yea for happy accidents! =)

emily j said...

soo funny!! and totally awesome!!

Liesl said...

I'll be happy to take one off your hands. :)

Kimberly Washer said...

That is hilarious!!! Happy V-day!

Laura C. said...

well well well... happy Valentines to YOU! Nicely done Brad.

Jamie Frankum said...

haha...That is awesome that you got two bunches of flowers! Flowers make me happy too and I love tulips as well! Love it!

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