Friday, February 4, 2011


Today, tickets for both of Taylor's Nashville concerts went on sale. Today, both of Taylor's Nashville concerts sold out. Today, I did not get a ticket to either of Taylor's Nashville concerts. We don't have the money to buy them right now. L-A-M-E. All week long, every radio station in the city has been giving away pairs of tickets like it's their jobs, but I never ever got through to any of them at the right time. Just days and days of busy signals. Boo. There went my chance at free Tay-ckets. (Ha, see what I did there?)

Brad promises that I will be at that concert somehow, one way or another. He's pretty confident that people will be reselling some tickets at a later date when we have the money on hand to purchase them. The fact that Need To Breathe will also be playing is making him a little more willing to go. So, we'll see.

Anywho, to fill my Taylor void on this Taylor day, I received my TSwift calendars this afternoon! Last week she was selling them for only $1 each from her online store. Of course, I couldn't miss out on such a cheap great opportunity!

Now I can have Taylor every day. At home and at work. Happy! I mean, they're no concert tickets, but at least they're something... 

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