Thursday, December 4, 2008

Deer Jerky

So, remember that deer that Richard hit over Thanksgiving and that Brad and Trevor field dressed and had processed? Well, we brought some of the meat home with us to Nashville, and the first thing Brad decided to do with the venison was make some deer jerky. With a little guidance from our church friend, Pat, he sliced the roast into quarter inch pieces, let them marinate for a day, and then dried them out over night. He "turned our oven into a dehydrator" by putting it on the lowest setting possible, and then propping the door open just a bit with a wooden spoon. The house smelled a little like syrup the next morning (does that even make sense??), but the deer jerky turned out so well! I'm not talking like, "Yeah, honey, that's good. Way to go..." but like, "Mmm, babe! Can I please have two more pieces!?!" I am really impressed. My husband is quite the mountain man. :)

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Shelly Pruitt said...

haha thta's pretty good!!! He even made a man-made dehydrater...he's kind of like McGyver :) I love deer jerky...I just can't allow myself to be reminded that it's an actual deer that I am eating :) I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving!! Christmas is very soon!

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